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I'm so excited for you and Middle Graders to read my upcoming book series Tony, If Only. The first installment is Tony, If Only: Poops Corn Again!.
Boys will be boys, sounds like a cliche, until you meet eight year old Tony. He just can’t help getting into trouble, despite thinking he isn’t doing anything wrong. It’s not really his fault. He’s like a magnet attracted to mischief, his sisters are oversensitive, and rainy days stink because there’s nothing to do. With his active imagination and unending energy, Tony’s like a bubble ready to burst…especially if he can’t kick a ball inside his house... so he does. His inability to see the consequences of his actions or to take responsibility for those actions leads to a disaster. The chain reaction when he kicks his ball causes damaging injuries to his older sister, Livvy. After overhearing her sob that he’s the worst brother in the world, Tony finally starts to question his behavior and whether his family even likes him.
Stay tuned for a sneak peek into the next book too! Happy Reading!

Book Excerpt 




        Looking at his family picture taken earlier in the evening, eight year old Tony’s heart beat faster and faster. Missing teeth don’t look good on a middle schooler.


        The day before had been a complete disaster. (A disaster is a big mess. It’s not the type of mess when you have clothes and toys all over your room. You can’t clean up and make it go away. It’s much worse.) The disaster was Tony’s fault. So the picture was a terrible reminder.


Getting into trouble was easy for him, much easier than avoiding it. A lot happened leading up to the family picture . . .


Chapter 1: Gifts Aren’t Always Presents


        I’m Tony, a 3rd grader at Hill Crest North Elementary School, right down the street from my house. I don’t like school. I can’t do what I want to do. And there are too many rules, like raising your hand and sitting quietly at your desk. Being eight isn’t easy, especially since I have a hard time sitting still.


        I get to sit on a big, red bouncy ball instead of a regular chair in my classroom. My teacher is Mrs. Butz. That’s her real name. I bet she gets a lot of butt jokes. I know my friends and I have said a few. It was so hard to say her name without laughing at first, but she is young and really nice.


        Speaking of bottoms, she gave me the ball chair because I have an active imagination and unending energy. I’m like a bubble ready to burst, she said. Mrs. Butz has a lot of enthusiasm too, so she gets it. I can move around or bounce a little as long as I don’t distract the other kids. (Distracting is when other kids don’t pay attention to the teacher and need their own big, red bouncy ball.) I love my ball chair and my teacher!


        Along with an active imagination, I’m gifted. At first, I was so excited about being gifted. It wasn’t my birthday or Christmas. I thought I was getting lots of presents. My excitement quickly faded when I realized gifted meant more homework, harder tests, and classes with older kids, with no actual gifts. I’m just smart for my age. Who cares? I’d rather get presents.

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