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#secrets #suspense #blink #youngadult #homeless





From the shadowy depths, a homeless man named Banjo, once nearly invisible, appears out of nowhere. He brings his own demons that infiltrate the lives of Judge Aaron, his wife Legal Services Director, Abigail, and their daughter, Calista Marino, the perfect family in Chiptown with everything except the white picket fence. Plagued by secrets that could destroy them, they search for answers from each other and from within. 


When secrets are burdens, demons can take over if you let them. Just like the day Aaron stared at a crumpled piece of paper in his hands, he had no idea what lay ahead of him. He made a promise and so did Abigail. The paper looked worn, probably from being looked at over and over again in disbelief. He thought how one word, one piece of paper, one person, one anything can change everything you thought you knew or wanted. A single notion can stop you in your tracks. Aaron had arrived determined how he was going to save the day with a simple fix and left speechless. It begs the question, how can Aaron judge someone when he's the one who should be judged?

As Calista tries to figure out what her parents are hiding, her worry increases about everything they stand to lose. Instead of not getting her collegiate dream of an athletic scholarship, the thought of one of them falling from grace and facing jail time is now ever-present. 

Banjo also has a dark past and wants his due, the reason he found the Marino Family. His story will make you question how you view the diversity between the wealthy and the homeless. 

When decisions have to be made on a whim and situations can turn on a dime, judgment can be clouded and murky. As parents, Aaron and Abigail will do anything to protect their only child. Anything.  

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