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Children's Picture Book Series:

Leroy the Lion is a story about acceptance.  “You be you and I’ll be me.” Wouldn't it be nice if we saw our challenges and differences as something to celebrate and embrace? Leroy the Lion is afraid to be himself until he meets Bailey the Bee, who likes him just the way he is.

Leroy the Lion is a story about acceptance, a hot button issue these days. This rhyming picture book shows how it’s okay to be unique and to respect one another the way we are. Leroy the Lion struggles because he lacks the one quality every lion possesses. He isn’t brave, the way lions are supposed to be. Then he meets Bailey the Bee, a queen who doesn’t lead her hive. She explains that we have to accept one another and ourselves exactly as we are. 

Sherman the Skunk is a story about being yourself. It encourages children to be comfortable just the way they are without trying to change their appearance. Sherman the Skunk is an albino and wants to look like all the other skunks until he meets Cami the Cuttlefish. Cami can change her appearance but explains that it’s within you that matters not your exterior and how you look. 

Holly the Hyena is a story in progress!

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