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  • Carmen Cristini Eichman

Boys Will Be Boys!

Books geared to young boys have a limited market. If they need a nudge (or sometimes a huge push) to actually sit down and read, then the Tony Boloney Series combines relatable and humorous stories to capture their attention. This book series is not just for boys though. It is reminiscent of the Junie B. Jones Series, where the protagonist gets into tricky situations, is naughty, and does things her way, just like Tony. Children will learn that it’s okay when they make mistakes, as they navigate the skills of cause and effect, responsibility, and judgment calls. Besides entertaining children, this book Series will teach a subliminal lesson. The first book, Tony Baloney: The Trouble Trap, concludes with a message of unconditional love, yet it's by no means preachy.

It’s important for youth to know there is always someone there to guide, support, and care for them. It will also increase vocabulary in a fun, connective way, while offering parents/teachers a discussion guide at the conclusion of the book. With all of the negative and upsetting news around the world and in our own backyard, kids need to know they can count on family or other loved ones to always be there to support them unconditionally. We all make mistakes and as we grow, we learn from them. No one is perfect.

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