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  • Carmen Cristini Eichman

A Kid at Heart

I've been asked why write a children's story? Well, I was a kid, I have kids, and sometimes I feel like a kid! I think little kids are the neatest people. They say the funniest things, tell you way too much, don't filter anything, and are so sweet and innocent. Because they don't have the wisdom and experience of adults, they often say and do things that make the rest of us laugh unintentionally. Plus, they get away with almost everything. Whether it's an insult, wearing pajamas in public, not combing their hair, or an embarrassing comment, kids are endearing . . . most of the time! Their imagination and spunk hasn't been tainted by the "real world".

So why base my writing on an eight year old boy as the protagonist in the Tony Baloney Series? My sense of humor sometimes isn't always polished and refined, just like eight year old boys! So, we're relatable!! However, it is always rated G or PG -- age appropriate. Tony poops corn and laughs at burps and farts. What boy (or girl or some adults) wouldn't?? Don't worry, these types of comments are only sprinkled in the stories. I'm not trying to be gross, but I am trying to get kids to read at a young age and continue reading throughout their lives. My goal is to engage the reader, particularly kids who aren't avid readers (and those that are). It would be awesome to spark an interest in reading now and for a lifetime for children of all ages.

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