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  • Carmen Cristini Eichman

Let's Teach Together!

Reading helps children learn and navigate in this big wide world. As part of my writing, I want to help "teach" kids in a fun way, without them realizing they are learning. In the Tony Baloney Series, Tony is gifted. Although he initially thinks this is a good thing, he quickly finds out it has nothing to do with receiving presents. He's not thrilled with more, harder school work, but he does like having "big brains!" As a result, his vocabulary is advanced for his age. As expected, he defines things through the eyes of a child, making the subject relatable and sometimes silly. However, he eventually gives the reader an accurate definition. By having Tony expand their vocabulary, it's a great way to explicitly "teach" kids in this Series.

I want to base each story on a "lesson" or principle in a subliminal way, so it's not preachy, but just part of the natural flow. For example in the first book, Tony Baloney: The Trouble Trap, it's about unconditional love between family/caregivers, learning to accept responsibility, and knowing that everyone makes mistakes in life. No one is perfect. There is also a reader's guide at the end of the book with discussion questions for a parents, caregivers, and/or teachers. It's a great way to answer questions or to continue a discussion.

I would love to hear your suggestions on subject matters you think would be great topics for Tony, his sisters, and other elementary kids to explore. This age comes with a lot of transitions and growth from little kids to big kids. So, what "lessons" do you think young children like learning about or need to hear more about? What areas are your children struggling with at this age? Please share your comments or experiences. I would be happy to incorporate them into the Series or base a book on them.

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