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  • Carmen Cristini Eichman

Summertime, My Happy Time!

Time flies and we all get caught up in our day to day lives. As creatures of habit, we often move about almost mechanically like robots doing what needs to be done. The past six to eight months have been a whirlwind for me. I felt like I was always trying to catch up only to be caught in a flurry of activity at full speed, making me fall behind and scramble forward again. So I haven't had (or more accurately) taken much time to write. However now that it's summer, my absolutely favorite time of the year, I decided it was long overdue to find opportunities for what I love during this time of year I love. No more excuses or delays, even if they are admirable. Putting everyone else's needs first is impressive and selfless, but not always necessary or unfortunately appreciated. You know what I mean.

Of course, there's a small part of me that wonders if there's another reason I've been dragging my feet. I did some brief introspection--no need to delve deeply when this wonderful season is all about relaxation and sand between your toes, right? My enthusiasm hasn't waned, but maybe I'm frustrated with the process or insecure about the results. My subconscious might be sending subliminal signals of doubt that I haven't successfully been able to ignore. These potential thoughts and feelings aren't unusual in any endeavor, especially when considering something new or unfamiliar. I'm not sure if I even need to figure out the reason for my lack of recent writing. I just need to put pen to paper aka fingers to keyboard. Maybe it's simply a matter of not enough hours in the day or the dog days of summer are allowing me to give into a comfortable (temporary) idleness?

Regardless, I have my glass of ice tea beside me and my flip flopped feet elevated on a nearby chair, with the sun shining warmly on my face, as I listen to the ocean calmly ebbing back and forth. Doesn't that sound tranquil and ideal? I only hope that between the heat, my comfort, and the white noise of the sea, I don't fall asleep before doing anything productive. But, that's okay too.

As I feel myself smiling and inhaling the beautiful scents and sounds of this too short time of year, I know I've just kick started my writing again, and I won't let my passion fizzle. How about you? What's your happy time and where's your happy place? Picture them now. Don't loose sight of them because it's too easy to let them quickly slip to the bottom of the totem pole. Prioritize your passions and dreams, whatever they may be and climb up a couple of rungs on that totem pole! You deserve it.

Oh, and Happy Summer!

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