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Dear Agent...

After attending the recent SCBWI virtual event with agents Sarah Fisk-Tobias Literary Agency, Michelle Jackson-LCS Literary Agency, Sandra Proudman-Galt & Zacker Literary Agency, Lane Clarke-Arthouse Literary Agency, and moderator Jem Chambers-Black-Andrea Brown Literary Agency along with 2000 others, I listened, took notes, and am ready to meet you!

I know that you receive between 10,000 to 20,000 query letters on average every year, but how many blogs do you get? In your search to find the perfect fit, you told us that sometimes you check out writers' social media platforms. So I'm hoping you'll read mine!

In response to some of your questions that you wouldn't otherwise know from your slush pile:

  1. I'm also looking for longevity in my writing career, and I'm very loyal.

  2. I am open to edits, rewrites, hard work, continuous learning, and evolving.

  3. I have other books in the works including an adult suspense novel (Never Blink), middle-grade books hoping to inspire the love of reading in all kids, with a focus on boys and girls who don't mind gross humor (Tony, If Only: You Stink! and Tony, If Only: Poops Corn Again), and rhyming picture books (Leroy the Lion and Sherman the Skunk) that I'd be honored to share with you!

  4. I love to read in the genres that I write and find the writing process both tranquil and thrilling.

  5. I'm persistent and won't give up. (I have my Italian roots to thank!)

  6. I have some wonderful critique groups and readers who are valuable treasures in this process.

  7. I'm very enthusiastic and love to see someone else's smile as a reflection of my smile.

  8. And, I will trust you.

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